Newsletter October 2012


  • Project introduction
  • Work packages
  • Introduction of project partners

Project introduction

Within the project “Training on improved risk management tools for organic inspectors” - IRM-ORGANIC for short, trainings modules shall be developed for risk orientated organic inspections. These training modules shall be adjustable to country specific and control body specific needs. This way a consumer protection and fair competition on the green market for products from organic farming shall be fostered.

First step of the project is to define in detail the necessary learning contents for organic inspectors with regard to risk-orientation and fraud prevention. A tailor-made professional development (CPD) train-the-trainer concept shall be developed. The CPD-courses will be implemented as trial runs; the original concept will be adjusted to their results, and then distributed supported by a comprehensive dissemination and exploitation concept.

Work Packages

The project is structured into seven work packages:

WP 1: Project management

WP 2: Detailed analysis of the learning contents and methodologies required for organic inspectors with regards to risk orientated inspection and fraud prevention. An exhaustive description and SWOT-Analysis of existing trainings in Germany, Italy, Austria and Poland shall be carried out.

WP 3: Description and analysis of training concepts in privat food and feed- certification-systems and in public food and feed control in Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland.

WP 4: Development of a tailor-made CPD-train-the-trainer-concept for organic inspectors.

WP 5: Test of the trial version of the train-the-trainer course in Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland.

WP 6: Dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

WP 7: Quality management and evaluation of the project.

Project partners

The project shall be implemented by the European partners of the Quavera consortium:

AGRIZERT GmbH / Germany

Contact is Dr. Stefanie Bruckner.

She is responsible for the implementation of WP 3.

Stefanie Bruckner

AGRO BIO TEST Sp. z o.o. / Poland

Contact is Urszula Soltysiak.

She is responsible for the implementation of WP 7.

Urszula Soltysiak

Kontrollservice BIKO Tirol / Austria

Contact is Josef Gitterle.

He is responsible for the implementation of WP 5 in Austria.

Josef Gitterle

CCPB Srl / Italy

Contact is Roberto Maresca.

He is responsible for the implementation of WP 2.

Roberto Maresca

SLK GesmbH / Austria

Contact is Hubert Schilchegger.

He is responsible for the implementation of WP 4.

Hubert Schilchegger

GfRS mbH / Germany

Contact is Ulfila Bartels.

She coordinates the project.

Ulfila Bartels

Contact us

If you like to know more about the project, please visit our web-site:

Are you interested in the project? Do you have feedback or comments?
Please do not hesitate to contact me: ulfila.bartels (at) 

Editors: Dr. Jochen Neuendorff, Ulfila Bartels