Newsletter November 2013


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First project results

On our website you can now find the first project results as downloads.

WP 2 Definition of learning contents and methodology for risk-orientated inspections

The analysis of the inspection methods for risk-orientated instruments and methods and the description of the existing training concepts of control bodies in Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland have been finalized. Coordinated by R. Setti and R. Maresca (CCPB SRL), expert interviews were conducted in all four partner countries. Furthermore, an international online survey with more than 500 participants from more than 20 countries was realized. Existing training concepts of control bodies were analyzed and a SWOT-Analysis was elaborated.

The output of this work package will be used by the recently established EOCC-Task Force „Competence of organic inspectors“, which shall be coordinated by the Norwegian representative of the control body DEBIO, Gerald Altena. First issue to be discussed will be a proposal for an European occupational profile for organic inspectors.
Visit us during the EOCC-reception at Biofach on 12/2/2014!

Please follow this link for the summary and full report download.

WP3 Training concepts of adjacent, food and feed programs

Dr. Stefanie Bruckner compiled a description of the content and methodology of courses for inspectors in private food and feed certification programs and in public food and feed control in Austria, Italy, Germany and Poland.
Please follow this link for the summary and report download.

Current project activities

WP 4 Train-The-Trainer Curriculum

Coordinated by SLK, a proposal for the content and methodology for the upcoming train-the-trainer-course in Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland is currently elaborated. This curriculum shall be supplemented by an e-learning tool which is currently developed. Both the Curriculum and the e-learning tool will be presented and discussed on a conference in Salzburg in January.

Next steps

The next steps are the planning and preparation of the upcoming conference in Salzburg on the 28th /29th January 2014.

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