Newsletter July 2014


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Train-the-Trainer courses

More than 70 participants from 14 different countries came, in the time from April to June to the project train-the-trainer courses. The courses took place in Poland, Austria, Italy and Germany. 

Even though the evaluation of courses is not jet finished it shows, that the majority of the participants were content with the courses. Many of the participants see a need for trainings with a focus on risk-oriented inspection methods.

After finishing the evaluation of the courses, we will compile the final train-the-trainer course curriculum for this project.

Next steps: Final work shop in Warsaw

Right now we are planning the final work shop in Warsaw. While scheduling the workshop we found out that IFOAM EU is having a meeting in Bari during the originally timeframe.

We will therefore reschedule our final workshop to the 23rd and 24th September 2014. So please safe the date!

The final workshop will give a review on the project and the results and try to give possibilities on how to use the project results in the future. The final program for the workshop will be published in the next newsletter.

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Editors: Dr. Jochen Neuendorff, Ulfila Bartels